Propane Delivery & Autofill Program


Our family-owned, trusted team has helped communities maintain their homes, offices, and operations for more than 60 years. Our propane delivery teams are on call to serve you and our operations are efficient. With O’Nealgas, you never have to worry about whether your supplier will be on time or ready to answer your questions — our hardworking, friendly team is here to deliver warmth, comfort, and peace of mind.


  • Autofill Program: Our autofill program ensures that you’ll never have to worry about checking your underground or aboveground tank or submitting an order for a refill. We’ll regularly fill your underground or aboveground propane tank for you, and incorporate your home or office into our delivery route schedule to make sure the delivery is as efficient as possible. As a program participant, you’ll have an assigned delivery date that you can plan around. Furthermore, we’ll deliver during summer months, when propane prices are typically at their lowest.
  • Will-Call Delivery: Call us at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that a new propane delivery is at your door on your assigned route day.
  • Seasonal Delivery: Ensure that you stay warm during the winter months by having automatic, scheduled deliveries from the start of October through the end of February. When warmer temperatures settle in, you’ll transition to will-call delivery service.
  • All delivery systems require that you keep your balance paid based on your credit code and the credit terms.

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